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Video: Virtual Tours

Deer Lake Apple Orchard

Deer Lake Orchard is a family run apple orchard located outside of Buffalo, MN. The orchard grows over 28 varieties of apples and provides apples to the Buffalo Hanover-Montrose school district. On this virtual field trip, we will discover best practices for picking apples and what goes on at the apple orchard in the spring and summer to ensure a successful apple season!

Goldenrust Farm

Visit Goldenrust Farm near Dover, Minnesota. Meet farmer Jessica Desens, who along with her family raises chickens, beef cattle, pigs, and sheep on a 40 acre farm. Goldenrust Farm provides beef hot dogs and hamburgers to the Dover Eyota School district. On this virtual field trip, we will visit their farm to learn more about raising beef cattle, what they feed beef cattle and see the other livestock on their farm.

Revol Greens

On this virtual field trip, we visit a sustainably-driven greenhouse lettuce farm growing fresh greens right here in the Midwest! Grown Clean and Green™ is their mantra. Revol Greens grows in a sustainable greenhouse designed to produce the safest, cleanest, and freshest lettuce available year-round. You'll see the greenhouse production of lettuce from start to finish!

Twin Cities Orthopedics Performance Center

Minnesota Ag in the Classroom takes a look at agriculture on the sports field through a Virtual Field Trip to the Twin Cities Orthopedics Performance Center, the practice home to the Minnesota Vikings!

Meadowlark Turkey Farm

Tune in for a MAITC Facebook Live Virtual Field Trip! We will visit Meadowlark Turkey Farm near Melrose, MN where owners Ashley and Jon Klaphake will show us what goes into raising turkeys that we enjoy on Thanksgiving.

Zimmerman Turkey Farm

Welcome to our Facebook Live Virtual Field Trip of Zimmerman Turkey Farm! We're learning about turkey farming, so be sure to ask your questions in the comments section below. Our friends from Minnesota Turkey will help us answer as many questions as we can. Teachers, let us know which grade level your students are and from where you're watching. Thanks for watching!

Wittenburg Turkey Farm

Carl and Charlene Wittenburg live near Alexandria, Minnesota, and so do the turkeys they're raising for the 2017 National Thanksgiving Turkey Flock! According to the Minnesota Turkey Growers Association, President Truman hosted the first National Thanksgiving Ceremony 70 years ago in 1947. In 1989, President George H.W. Bush offered the first official turkey &"" and that tradition has continued. Join Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom for this Virtual Field Trip to learn more about the Wittenburg's turkeys!

Kvistad Turkey Farm

Welcome to Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom LIVE Virtual Field Trip of Kvistad Turkey Farm! Paul Kvistad is a 4th generation farmer and 2nd generation turkey farmer. Paul and his wife Jamie farm 1300 acres of corn and soybeans and raise 2,000 turkeys since 1970.

Toni Dauwalter's Bee Hive

Pollinators (including honey bees) are fun to learn about. Check out as Toni, Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom Regional Specialist, gives a virtual tour of her hobby bee farm.

Meadowstar Dairy

Welcome to Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom Virtual Field Trip of Meadow Star Dairy! This video was originally broadcast live on Facebook on May 18, 2017.nLeave your questions about Meadow Star Dairy in the comments below and we'll do our best to answer them. Thanks for joining us on this fun tour!

New Roots Farm Incubator Coop

New Roots Incubator Farm Coop, which is located near Dilworth, Minn., supports farmers with fewer than 10 years of experience, including New Americans, Native Americans, people of color, veterans, or women. New Roots is a critical stepping stone for beginning farmers to work toward operating a farm business. By having good records and showing some income, growers will have the opportunity to apply for loans toward a business start-up. On this virtual field trip, we will meet three New Roots farmers and discover their story of farming in Minnesota.

Ahlgren Dairy Farm

Visit Ahlgren Dairy near Darwin, Minnesota. Darwin, Minnesota, is home to the largest ball of twine, and it's also the community where Ahlgren Dairy calls home. Meet dairy farmers Rick and Sarah Ahlgren who recently invested in their farm to add robotic technology. During the tour, learn how the new technology helps their family care for the cows, the environment, and the community to produce a safe, sustainable and nutritious product.

Badger Creek Turkey Farm

Join us on a virtual field to an East Central Minnesota turkey farm! We will meet Samantha Gessell and see what a day in the life of a turkey farmer is like. On the day of our virtual field trip, the farm will have just received poults (baby turkeys) so we will see them up close and ask questions about how turkey farmers care for their birds! This 30 minute virtual field trip is targeted for K-5 students.

Q and A at Square Deal Dairy

Have your students ever been to a dairy farm? Here is your chance to watch Fuel Up to Play 60 Player Ambassador, Dalvin Tomlinson, from the Minnesota Vikings, as he goes on his first dairy farm tour at Square Deal Dairy with the Otte family. He was very inquisitive and asked so many great questions! After you watch the pre-recorded tour with Dalvin, join us for a live Q and A with Tyler Otte on October 15th to ask him more questions on how they take care of their land and cows to bring milk , cheese, and yogurt to your cafeteria!

Ponwith Farms

Join us for a ride in the combine as we harvest field corn with a southern Minnesota farmer! Together we will explore the common uses of field corn, learn more about technology used in agriculture, and get an up close tour of the combine used to harvest the crop. Tune in with your class to bring a whole new meaning to the harvest season! This virtual field trip is geared towards K-5th grade.

Backlund Acres

Join us for the first virtual field trip of the 2021-22 school year to Backlund Acres! We are going to meet chickens, pigs, cows and check out how to grow microgreens. Sheila Backlund believes that healthy soil brings healthy animals which in turn bring healthy people. Tune in to learn more and see some farm animals from your classroom!

Brenny Farms

May is Beef Month - Come with us to Ted and Katie Brenny beef farm in Mazeppa, Minnesota. They are both 5th generation farmers and are the owners of Brenny Farms. Beef is what is raised on the farm along with green grass. The beef cows consist of Angus and Charolais genetics. Brenny Farms is committed to being environmental stewards of the land by improving water quality and natural habitat.