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Video: Corn & Soybeans

Agriculture: How MN Farmers Feed Us, Widboom Soybean Farm

Come with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture on a tour of Widboom Family Soybean Farm in Worthington Minnesota. Their farm also crows corn, and has a cattle operation.

Crops and the Environment on the Lanoue Family Farm

Discover how to harvest soybeans and what happens to them in the winter. Plus, learn about buffer strips and what they do at the edge of a farm field!

Farm Variety on the Lanoue Family Farm

Learn about the differences between sweet corn and field corn. Plus, discover how pets and animals aren't the same on a farm.

Farming 101: Corn Planting

Meet Les Anderson and discover how he plants corn on his farm near Red Wing, MN. Video courtesy Minnesota Corn Growers Association.