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Regional Ag Curriculum Specialists

Jessica Blosberg
Jessica Blosberg

Regional Ag Curriculum Specialist
Central MN
Email | 651-468-5421

Jessica’s relationship with agriculture came from curiosity, rather than a family background. She chose to go to a high school to learn more about being a veterinarian, joined the FFA chapter, and learned far more about agriculture than she had ever imagined existed.

Since graduating with her bachelor degree in Agricultural Education, Jessica has been working in education within agriculture and natural resources in various ways. From being a classroom teacher, to serving at a nature center, to building her own online curriculum and teaching in the online space, she has always kept an eye on how to get messages about agriculture out to the general public.

Jessica resides in the Twin Cities metro area and enjoys traveling around the world. She is interested in other cultures, languages, and agriculture practices and often finds herself on a farm or in an agriculture-related business, even when on vacation! She is ready to connect with teachers and leaders to build relationships and assist others in finding the most fitting resources for them.