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FUNdamentals of Farming Game

Farming is a risky business. Droughts and severe storms, equipment problems and outbreaks of animal disease can all occur unexpectedly and impact a farm negatively. This printable classroom board game teaches secondary students about animal disease management. Students take roles as a farmer, accountant, purchaser, or veterinarian to manage a pig farm. They will learn and use methods to prevent disease such as vaccinations and quarantine as they buy and sell animals at the auction.

  1. Download the attached Zip file.
  2. Print the game board and pieces using the Printing Instructions file.
    • Note that you may want more than one game board for your class, depending on size.
    • Tip: If possible, print the game board on 11 x 17 paper. To save on printing and cutting, you could use play money in the quantities indicated.
  3. Prior to class, cut out game pieces.
  4. Using the Instructions file, review the game objectives and rules prior to class and with students prior to game play.
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