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Minnesota Youth Institute

The Minnesota Youth Institute (MNYI) engages high school students in solving local and global hunger issues. This interactive, day-long program brings teens from across the state of the University of Minnesota for an immersive science experience while connecting with research and industry leaders. MNYI serves as a gateway to the World Food Prize Symposium and global travel, paid internships and a scholarship to the university.

What does it involve?

9-12 Students research a global hunger issue and present solution(s) to leaders and peers across the state.

Research paper and registration for Minnesota Youth Institute due by April 11, 2022 at

Attend this year's virtual event on May 16, 2022.

What are the benefits?

High school students who participate are eligible for:

  • $1,000 scholarship to the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences (CFANS) within the University of Minnesota.
  • Potential to participate in Global Youth Institute and the World Food Prize held each October in Des Moines, Iowa. Students get to meet and discuss solutions to hunger issues with global leaders in science, business, philanthropy, policy, and more.
  • International Internships and USDA funded Internships: Work with acclaimed international researchers and practitioners in the field to improve food security and solve the most pressing agricultural, nutritional, health, economic and environmental problems around the world.
  • Network with peers across the state and meet with research & industry leaders. Have their voice heard and their ideas known.

Want to learn more?

Professional Development Webinars by Jessica Blosverg
Professional Development Webinar on Minnesota Youth Institute
Zoom Registration
February 1, 2022
4:30p.m. – 5:30p.m.

Calling all teachers of students grades 9-12! Join Jessica Blosberg (MN Ag in the Classroom Regional Specialist), Mary Buschette (MN Youth Institute Coordinator), and Eric Sawatzke (West Central Area School Agriculture Teacher) to learn about how to bring global awareness, issues around fighting hunger, and knowledge of agriculture to your students. We will explore (free!) lesson plans from Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom, hear about (free!) opportunities for students through the World Food Prize Foundation (WFPF) and Minnesota Youth Institute, and learn about the Global Guides professional development program through the WFPF. All three hosts bring personal knowledge of the internships available to students, experience with opportunities for participants to meet global leaders and researchers and are excited to invite you to be a part of bringing global agriculture to your classroom. Join us as we show you step-by-step how to inspire your students to join the fight against hunger around the world.

What teaching resources does MAITC offer to support MNYI?

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