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About Us

A Unique Public/Private Partnership

The Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom program is an organization supported by both public (Minnesota Department of Agriculture) and private (Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation) sectors. For three decades, the public and private sectors have pooled human and financial resources to advance agricultural literacy among K-12 students and educators through the Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom (MAITC) program. This unique public/private partnership model provides program consistency and credibility in Minnesota’s agricultural and educational communities and is known for effectively leveraging resources from both sectors.

Minnesota Department of Agriculture
Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom
Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom, Inc. Foundation

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture is the lead for Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom program development and implementation, while the Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation secures and manages private funds to support the overall program.

Funds committed to the program from both sectors are leveraged many times over. This partnership has also allowed MAITC to offer educational materials for FREE since program inception in 1985.

MAITC Foundation Board of Directors

Jenna Davis, Midwest Dairy
Vice Chair
Tom Walsh, Riverview Dairy
Tiffany Kortbein, Greenvale Park Elementary
TJen Wagner-Lahr, AURI
Board Members
  • Miles Kuschel, Minnesota Farm Bureau
  • Andi Anderson, Three Rivers Parks – Gale Woods Farm
  • Katie Drewitz, U of MN Extension
  • Haley Ammann-Ekstrom, NuWay-K&H Cooperative
  • Lori Cox, Roots Return Heritage Farm LLC
  • Sarah Kuechle, Watkins School Board/Midwest Dairy
  • Pam Debele, Minnesota Farm Bureau Education Coordinator
  • Winona Anderson, Minnesota Farmers Union
  • Scott Winslow, MN Corn Growers Association
  • Mark Greenwood
  • Ashley Kraemer
Ex-Officio Directors
  • Paul Hugunin, Ag Marketing & Development, MN Department of Agriculture
  • Kari Schwab, Minnesota Agricultural Education Leadership Council (MAELC)
  • Keri Sidle, Education Specialist
  • Sue Knott, Education Specialist
  • MAITC-MN Department of Agriculture
  • Ann Marie Ward, Executive Director
  • MAITC Foundation P.O. Box 987, Bemidji, MN 56619-0987
    218-556-1436 | Email