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grants & awards

2019 Ag Literacy Grant Program Application

Ag Literacy Grant Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom (MAITC) is a unique public/private partnership between the MAITC Foundation and the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. For 2018 the MAITC Foundation has budgeted $10,000 for grants. The maximum grant request is $1,000.

2017 Ag Literacy Grant Winners

St. Paul, MN: Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom (MAITC) and the MATIC Foundation have announced the recipients of this year's Agricultural Literacy Grants. Grants of up to $1,000 were awarded to one 4-H program, two FFA chapters, and 11 teachers to encourage them to make agriculture and food systems education part of school curricula.
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Ag Literacy Grant Program Overarching Goal

To provide cash awards to K-12 educators to encourage them to bring agriculture and food systems education "to life" by effectively integrating related content into their classroom or school. Grants are available for new ideas as well as enhancements to current events/activities. MAITC aims to fund projects that provide students the opportunity to experience agriculture in a cross-curricular manner. We strongly encourage teachers to utilize the many educational resources provided by MAITC free of charge. Find them here.


Ag Literacy Grant for Teachers

First time applicants will have priority for funding. Grants supporting field trips to working farms or agriculture businesses are encouraged. Non-formal education applications will also be considered based on strength of application and the availability of funds.

Ag Literacy Grant for 4-H/FFA

FFA chapters and 4-H programs are also eligible for grant funds to promote agricultural literacy with other groups (ex: elementary school). There is a separate application form for FFA and 4-H programs. The application asks FFA and 4-H chapters to identify which National Agricultural Literacy Outcome (NALO) the grant project covers. Applications submitted by these groups should show a partnership with a K-12 classroom teacher(s) outside of the school's agricultural education program.
NALO booklet can be found here: https://www.agclassroom.org/get/doc/NALObooklet.pdf.


We know that first-year teachers face many exciting opportunities and challenges. To provide assistance and encouragement to new teachers, the MAITC Foundation is offering our First-year Teacher Grant. Ten, $250 grants will be awarded to first year teachers to integrate agriculture into their curriculum and classroom. Applicants are encouraged to be creative and develop an interesting, valuable agricultural experiences for your students that addresses multiple curricular areas. Examples include supplies to complete lessons found of the Curriculum Matrix, MAITC book bundles for your classroom library, field trips to farm or agriculture related sites, etc) Priority will be given to first-year teachers who attended a MAITC-led professional development workshop as a college student.

Application and Review Process

Important Grant Judging Criteria

Grant Implementation Ideas

How to Apply