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Board Member Information


MAITC Foundation Board of Directors members


Two year term. Terms are renewable up to three terms. Fiscal year begins July 1.
Terms are renewable up to three terms.


The Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom program increases agricultural literacy through K-12 education.


Agriculture is valued by ALL

Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation Strategic Goals:

  • Provide oversight to Protect and Direct the mission of MAITC Foundation
  • Preparing and empowering educators to confidently build students' agricultural literacy
  • Providing meaningful agriculture experiences for K-12 students that support Minnesota State Education Standards.
  • Promoting access to no-cost educational resources and staff expertise
  • Protecting the effective use of resources for long-term sustainability
  • Building and maintaining partnerships to promote agricultural literacy
  • Set accountability measures for the Executive Director and MAITC team.
  • Continue as a respected public/private partnership and maintain non-profit, 501(c)(3) education status for the program.

General expectations

  • Know the organization's mission, purpose, goals, policies, programs, strengths and needs;
  • Bring a sense of humor to the board’s deliberations;


  • Attend all quarterly meetings (typically, October, January, April and July);
      Meeting dates and times are determined collectively by the board of directors.
  • Attend/participate in organization's Annual Meeting, typically held in August.
  • Ask timely and substantive questions while supporting the majority decision;
  • Suggest agenda items periodically for board and committee meetings to ensure that significant policy related matters are addressed.

Desired requirements:

  • Understanding of the current diverse agricultural industry.
  • Passion for promoting agricultural literacy.
  • Network to provide additional resources to the foundation.


  • Interested parties should submit statement of interest to the foundation describing their qualifications to serve on the MAITC Foundation Board of Directors Application deadline is June 30.
  • Candidates will be reviewed by current board members;
  • Candidates added to the nominations slate will be notified.
  • At the annual meeting, the nomination slate will be voted on and ratified.

Interested individuals should contact:

Tom Walsh
Vice Chair, Minnesota Ag in the Classroom
Nominating Committee Chair
Ann Marie Ward
Executive Director of MAITC Foundation