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Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom

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Virtual Field Trip Series

Virtual Field Trip Series

Upcoming Virtual Field Trips

Virtual Field Trip to Len Busch Roses
10:00 am, January 7th
Len Busch Roses

Join us as we visit Len Busch Roses in Plymouth, Minnesota! Len Busch Roses is a Minnesota grower of fresh cut flowers and blooming plants. Flowers from Len Busch can be found in local Target stores as well as other supermarkets in the area. On this virtual field trip students will learn the basic anatomy of a tulip, the tulip life cycle, as well as taking a closer look at machines that harvest and complete necessary tasks. The tour guide, Scot Ferguson, will lead the field trip through the greenhouse and point out the amazing and educational things on the way.

The virtual field trip will also be streamed live on YouTube and available for viewing later.
Please contact with additional questions.


Past Virtual Field Trips