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Video Library - Virtual Tours

  • MAITC Virtual Field Trip: Welcome to Meadow Star Dairy!

    Welcome to the Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom Virtual Field Trip of Meadow Star Dairy! This is the full 25 minute video that was originally broadcast live on Facebook on May 18, 2017.

  • Meadow Star Dairy's High Tech Milking System

    Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom took a tour with Meadow Star Dairy’s Natasha Mortenson to learn about the 8,500 cows that live on the dairy farm. Learn about the breeds, the milking process, and where the milk goes in this great video.

  • Meadow Star Dairy's Nursery

    Natasha Mortenson brought us on a tour of the nursery at Meadow Star Dairy, where new calves are born each and every day! Learn more about how calves are cared for in this quick video from Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom.

  • What Do Cows Eat?

    Minnesota Ag in the Classroom took a ride with Meadow Star Dairy’s Tom Walsh and learned a lot about nutrition for dairy cows. Just like humans, dairy cows need a few essential ingredients in their food to keep them healthy and happy.