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Video Library - Dairy

  • Harner Family Farm – Chickens and Eggs

    Learn about different breeds of chickens and why their eggs come out in different colors on the Harner's Farm!

  • Agriculture: MN Farmers Market, Callister Farm

    Meet the people behind Callister Farm at the St. Paul Farmers Market! Hear them speak about their poultry and egg business.

  • Agriculture: Minnesota Livestock Farmers, Turkey Production

    Minnesota ranks first in the nation for Turkey production. Learn about this important Minnesota livestock with Halvorson Farms.

  • Agriculture: How MN Farmers Feed Us, CSA Farm 2

    Join the Minnesota Department of Agriculture on another tour of the Malzahn Family CSA farm in Osage Minnesota, where they have chickens for eggs and meat as well as pigs and horses.

  • Agriculture: How MN Farmers Feed Us, Gorton Turkey Farm

    Watch as a Minnesotan turkey farmer gives a tour around his farm, the Gorton Family Turkey Farm in Pelican Rapids, Minnesota.

  • Agriculture: How MN Farmers Feed Us, Meschke Turkey Farm

    Watch as Minnesotan turkey farmers give a tour around their farm, the Meschke Family Turkey Farm in Little Falls Minnesota.