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Turkey Lesson Plans


Animal Life Cycles

This lesson introduces students to six major livestock species, teaches that animals need air, space, food, water, and shelter to survive, and introduces students to the life cycle of a farm animal.


A Rafter of Turkeys

Students will learn about the domestication and life cycle of the turkey, recognize how turkeys are raised on farms, and identify turkey products.


The Geography of Thanksgiving Dinner

In this lesson students will identify common Thanksgiving foods and their farm source, determine if those foods can be produced locally, and locate the common origins of their Thanksgiving day dinner.


Social Studies/History

Encourage students to read what Benjamin Franklin had to say about the national seal of the United States of America on the Thanksgiving Turkey Web page. Ask students to explain Franklin's reasoning about the appropriateness of the turkey over the bald eagle. Then students can debate the merits of both birds (and other birds) for that purpose. Invite students to design a new seal -- using a turkey instead of the eagle.


Read about the proper handling and cooking of turkey on the Turkey Basics: Handling Precooked Dinners Web page. Prepare a presentation or create a brochure about handling and storing food safely for parents and teachers.